Surfing lessons

Price list

  • 40,00€ –  1 lesson
  • 75,00€ –  2 lessons
  • 110,00€ – 3 lessons
  • 140,00€ – 4 lessons
  • 150,00€ – 5 lessons

Lesson duration

  • 2 hours

Notes about the trip

  • Automatic discount for orders over 2 and 4 people!
  • Each two-hour lesson should be scheduled on a different day.
  • The minimum age for surfing lesson participants is 5 years old – guardian consent is required.
  • We can confirm the exact time of the surfing lesson only a few days in advance when we know the conditions and tides of the ocean for the upcoming days.
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Surfing lessons in Tenerife

Surfing in Tenerife – an extreme sport that might seem only for the most athletic. Nothing could be further from the truth; catching waves on a board is almost for everyone. It only requires good care and control from the instructor, thanks to whom we will feel safe and comfortable. Physical fitness is an important aspect, as more athletic people will be able to withstand longer in the water and benefit more from the course. In case of planning to start a surfing adventure, it is worth preparing physically, for example at the gym, practicing sports based on body balance (pilates, yoga), running, or strictly swimming. However, the last skill is mandatory to start a surfing adventure. We do not have to be perfect swimmers; basic water movement without fear of immersion is enough.

Surfing lessons in Tenerife are entirely safe, and courses are conducted by experienced instructors from different parts of the world. The feeling of comfort and safety is the starting point for the challenge.

Surfin in Tenerife

Tenerife is an ideal place for surfers, especially for those who are starting their adventure with this sport. Excellent weather conditions, almost all year round. Depending on the location of the town and the coast, the waves may differ in size. At the beginning, they should not be too big, because the bigger the wave, the higher the surfing skills required. However, it is worth raising the bar while gaining experience.

We start by selecting the appropriate board and wetsuit. When starting a surfing adventure, we choose the biggest board possible; the bigger the board, the easier it is to stay on it. Then, on the beach, the instructor discusses the theory and gives us tips on surfing, also indicating the place where we will be surfing. After a short instruction, we enter the water and start our adventure with catching waves.

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Recommended to take

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Towel


Attraction currently does not offer free transportation

  • Surfing lessons take place on Playa de las Americas beach
  • We will include the exact location of the attraction along with a map in the confirmation email for your reservation
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  2. We respond to orders within 24 hours. If you want immediate order processing, be sure to contact us by phone!
  3. Our customer service will process your order within 24h, and you will receive an email containing: tickets, map and additional information on attraction.
  4. When ordering with transport, remember to provide the exact address of your stay in Tenerife.
  5. All attractions available on our site are safe and checked by us individually so that we can fully guarantee their high quality.

The location on the map indicates calle México w Playa de las Américas. This is where you can find the most surfing schools in Tenerife.


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