Terms & regulations

Terms & regulations of purchases on the website AttractiveTenerife.com

Effective Date: 01/07/2020

1. General information

1.1 These terms of sale apply to any Coupon purchased from AttractiveTenerife.com.

1.2 AttractiveTenerife.com means Attractive Tenerife Marcin Jasiński, a company registered in Spain with its registered office at: Avenida Constitucion 31/ 2F Adeje 38670, Tenerife, Canary Islands. AttractiveTenerife.com is registered in Consejeria de Turismo, Cultura y Deportes, Direccion General de Ordenacion y Promocion Turistica, Gobierno de Canarias; IT: I-0003450.1, NIF: Y3596599B.

1.3 Coupon means an instrument, in physical or electronic form, entitling the Coupon holder (hereinafter referred to as “Coupon Holder”) to either: redeem the Coupon immediately or within the time limit indicated on the Coupon (hereinafter referred to as the “redemption date”).

1.4 AttractiveTenerife.com sells Coupons in an electronic or physical form and delivers them directly to the Customer. AttractiveTenerife.com does not implement offers purchased from its offer. AttractiveTenerife.com deals only with the sale and delivery of Coupons. The coupons are redeemed by the Partner Authorities.

1.5 These Terms of Sale were updated on 01/06/2018. AttractiveTenerife.com reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms of Sale at any time. Any changes to these Terms of Sale will be published on-line. The only valid version for the Customer is the version of the Terms of Sale that the Customer agreed to when purchasing the Coupon.

2. Purchase of the Coupon

2.1 The coupon can only be purchased by people over 18 years of age. When making a purchase, you must complete the order form and pay the full amount of the coupon or make an advance payment specified at the final stage of the order.

2.2 By clicking the “Book now” button, the order will be sent to AttractiveTenerife.com. However, the transaction will be successfully completed only after receiving an e-mail from AttractiveTenerife.com confirming the acceptance of the Customer’s order.

2.3 The minimum time to purchase a Coupon is 24 hours before the service is provided.

2.4 AttractiveTenerife.com expressly reserves the right to reject the Customer’s order if the order is impossible to fulfill (e.g. in the absence of vacancies, bad weather conditions or a short time to complete the order).

2.5 In addition, even if AttractiveTenerife.com has accepted the offer, it may withdraw from the contract at any time in the event of reasonable suspicions that the Customer has committed or may be committing fraud against AttractiveTenerife.com, a third party associated with AttractiveTenerife.com or against the Partner.

2.6 In the event of non-execution of the order due to the reasons specified in point 2.4. AttractiveTenerife.com undertakes to return the full amount paid.

3. Coupon Redemption

3.1 Unless expressly stated otherwise:
1. The Coupon can only be redeemed once;
2. The Coupon can only be redeemed at the Partner indicated on the Coupon;
3. The Coupon is only valid for the persons named on the Coupon; and
4. when redeeming the Coupon at the Partner, please follow the instructions related to the Coupon.

3.2 In order to redeem the Coupon, it must be presented to the Partner within the time limit for implementation. A coupon not redeemed on time will automatically expire. An expired Coupon cannot be redeemed, and the Coupon Holder is not entitled to any refund or compensation.

3.3 Coupons can only be redeemed in full. These are not subject to partial or gradual implementation. If for any reason a Coupon redeemed at a Partner’s is exchanged for goods / services with a value less than the original (no discount) value of the AttractiveTenerife.com offer, you will not be entitled to a credit, cashback or a new Coupon for the difference between the original value (no discount) and the value of the goods / services for which the Coupon was exchanged.

3.4 AttractiveTenerife.com charges an advance payment on behalf of the Partner for the booking or other costs related to the purchase or redemption of the Coupon. All such costs are presented to you on the pages of individual services.

3.5 If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Partner is not able to provide the service offered by AttractiveTenerife.com as described, AttractiveTenerife.com will immediately notify you by e-mail or telephone. AttractiveTenerife.com will offer you a new Coupon with comparable benefits (if such a Coupon is available) or full refund of the Coupon.

3.6 If the Customer has opted out of the Coupon and the cancellation is made within 48 hours or less before the due date, he will be required to pay 50% of the total price of the service, in accordance with the commercial terms and conditions of travel agents in Spain, dated February 25. 1953.

4. Coupon Use

4.1 The Coupon can only be purchased for personal, non-commercial use (the Coupon may be transferred to another person for their personal, non-commercial use).

4.2 You are solely responsible for the Coupon. Neither AttractiveTenerife.com nor the Partner are responsible for lost or stolen Coupons or for the recovery of offer numbers or security codes.

4.3 You undertake not to provide false information, including false names, address details or contact details, or payment details; You also undertake not to take any unlawful actions regarding the purchase or use of the Coupon, as well as not to allow such actions by other persons.

4.4 Any attempts to redeem the Coupon contrary to the Terms of Sale may lead to the invalidation of the Coupon, at the discretion of AttractiveTenerife.com.

4.5 It is forbidden to duplicate the Coupons.

4.6 Professional trading with Coupons is prohibited.

5. Cancellations (and Exceptions), Refunds, and Issues

5.1 You have the statutory right to withdraw from the Coupon purchase contract within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the confirmation by e-mail. Nevertheless, by withdrawing from the redemption of the Coupon 48 hours or less before
with the ordered service date. You undertake to pay 50% of the total price of the service, in accordance with the commercial terms and conditions of travel agents in Spain, dated February 25. 1953.

5.2 The right to withdraw from the Coupon purchase agreement may be exercised in the following way:
1. by completing and sending the form in the contact section
2. by e-mail contact
3. by telephone contact

5.3 If you withdraw from the contract for the purchase of the Coupon in accordance with point 5.1, AttractiveTenerife.com will return the value of all payments made as part of the purchase within 14 calendar days from the date of notification AttractiveTenerife.com about withdrawal from the contract.

5.4 If, through no fault of your own, you have not been able to redeem the Coupon with the Partner within the set time, you may be entitled to a change of date or a refund. In order to receive such a refund, it is necessary to prove clearly with the Partner that the inability to redeem the Coupon was not your fault.

5.5 If you have redeemed the Coupon, but the Partner has not provided the service as ordered, or if you have reservations about the provision of the Partner’s service, claims must be made directly to the Partner. This is because the Partner, and not AttractiveTenerife.com, is responsible for providing the service. AttractiveTenerife.com deals only with the sale and delivery of Coupons. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement with the Partner on the objections raised by you, AttractiveTenerife.com may, at your request, help resolve the dispute that arises between you and the Partner.

5.6 Unless otherwise expressly made to AttractiveTenerife.com, any refunds will be made via the original payment method. If the original payment method has been canceled, expired or changed otherwise, please inform AttractiveTenerife.com immediately. If you do not provide the appropriate statement and the refund is made using the original payment method, you may need to contact your bank or payment service provider to obtain a refund. AttractiveTenerife.com will not provide more than one refund.

5.7 The refund can be rejected within 30 days of receiving it. If the return is not rejected within 30 days, it will constitute the full and final settlement of all claims against AttractiveTenerife.com regarding the Coupon, arising from or related to it.

6. Responsibility for the Partner’s service

6.1 It should be noted that the Partner, not AttractiveTenerife.com is:
1. service provider;
2. the party that concludes the contract with the Coupon Holder in the event of its implementation; and
3. the sole entity responsible for providing the service to the Coupon Holder and for the service itself.

7. Standards of service provision and the responsibility of AttractiveTenerife.com

7.1 AttractiveTenerife.com declares that:
1. will make every effort to perform its obligations under these Terms of Sale;
2. Coupons are of satisfactory quality and useful for the purpose for which they were created; and
3. will not breach the requirements of honesty and professional diligence in the scope of the services it provides.

7.2 AttractiveTenerife.com does not guarantee the completeness, usefulness or lawfulness of the Partner’s service. AttractiveTenerife.com is not responsible for the quality, safety, usability or other features of the items covered by the Partner’s service.

7.3 AttractiveTenerife.com is not liable for any breach of the obligation resulting from these Terms of Sale, if the fulfillment of a given obligation has been made impossible or difficult for reasons beyond its control.

8. Portal AttractiveTenerife.com

8.1 AttractiveTenerife.com portal (hereinafter referred to as the “Portal”) means a website, electronic forms of communication or services, or any location where you can purchase a Coupon from AttractiveTenerife.com. The website on which AttractiveTenerife.com offers Coupons is the property of AttractiveTenerife.com.

9. Miscellaneous provisions

9.1 If you breach these Terms of Sale and AttractiveTenerife.com does not take any action against you, it does not mean that AttractiveTenerife.com waives any rights and remedies related to the breach. AttractiveTenerife.com retains the right to take action or exercise any rights or remedies in connection with a given breach or in connection with any breach of obligations under these Terms of Sale.

9.2 Unless expressly stated in these Terms of Sale, any representations between the parties must be made in writing and delivered by e-mail (except for the declaration sent to AttractiveTenerife.com in connection with taking legal action) or by postage paid by the sender. AttractiveTenerife.com will send all statements to the address provided when placing an order on AttractiveTenerife.com.

9.3 Should any provision of these Terms of Sale be held invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. Provisions of these Terms of Sale, which have been found invalid or unenforceable, will be replaced by such valid and enforceable provisions as will ensure the achievement of an economic result that is as close as possible to that envisaged.

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