Helicopter Flight

Price list

  • 98,00€/person – southern coast (8-9 minutes)
  • 145,00€/person – beaches and ravines (12-15 minutes)
  • 279,00€/person – Los Gigantes cliffs (20-22 minutes)
  • 390,00€/person – lower parts of the island (35-40 minutes)
  • 495,00€/person – El Teide volcano (45-50 minutes)

Notes about the trip

  • Individual flights take place on different days. Therefore, please contact us in advance to schedule a date.
  • The helicopter has 4 seats for passengers.
  • Maximum weight per passenger is 110kg. For weights exceeding this limit, an additional 50% of the flight price is required.
  • The course of attraction is dependent on weather conditions.
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Helicopter Flight

Helicopter flight in Tenerife is one of the most exclusive attractions on the island. It is an extraordinary and impressive idea for spending time during your vacation, as well as a perfect plan for a surprising gift. A helicopter in Tenerife will show you the island from a bird’s-eye view. Breathtaking mountain landscapes, turquoise coastlines, ravines, volcanic terrains, and even the most remote corners of the island. It provides a completely different perspective on Tenerife. A helicopter flight in Tenerife is an attraction that involves a significant dose of adrenaline and, moreover, evokes a tremendous amount of positive emotions! There are several different routes to choose from, depending on time frames and distances. Select the appropriate option for yourself and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Helicopter flight over the southern coast of Tenerife – 98 euro/person, duration: 8-9 minutes

The helicopter takes off from a helipad located in Costa Adeje, heading towards the ocean and flying along the coastline. During the flight, we have the opportunity to photograph incredibly attractive landscapes. And at the same time, get to know the southern part of the island. The journey then continues through the charming fishing village of La Caleta and Golf Costa Adeje. Finally, helicopter flies over the tourist zones of Las Américas and Los Cristianos. Characterized by winding streets, low-rise buildings, and hotels. The helicopter flight over the southern coast of Tenerife offers a spectacular panorama of this area. It is a unique opportunity to see the island from this perspective. This route, beyond the coastline, allows you to admire mountains and one of the most beautiful ravines on the island. Ideal choice for a first excursion for those who want to see the surroundings from a bird’s-eye view.

Helicopter flight – Tenerife beaches and ravines – 145 euro/person, duration: 12-15 min

Flight begins from the charming town of La Caleta and one of the most famous golf courses in Tenerife – Golf Costa Adeje. It then leads over the tourist zone of Las Américas and Los Cristianos. Revealing a sweeping panorama of the network of winding streets filled with various buildings and hotels below. The next point is Montaña Guaza that separates the tourist resorts from the nearest town of Palm Mar. It then ascends to the summit of Roque del Conde and allows you to discover Ifonche’s spectacular winding ravines. On the return journey, helicopter flies over one of the most beautiful ravines in the south – Barranco del Infierno. The helicopter flight – Tenerife beaches and ravines offers a spectacular view of the southern coast of the island and its unique volcanic rock formations. It is a truly unique way to see this from such a perspective.

Helicopter flight over the cliffs of Los Gigantes – 279 euro/person, duration: 20-22 min

A helicopter flight over the cliffs of Los Gigantes is an incredibly attractive adventure. There is no better perspective to admire these majestic rocks plunging into the ocean. The flight begins from the picturesque seaside town of La Caleta and leads along the coastline towards Playa San Juan. Along this route, you will pass well-known and exclusive hotels such as the Hard Rock Hotel, Ritz Carlton, and Riu Arecas. As you reach Los Gigantes, the gigantic rock formations come into view. These 600-meter colossal cliffs are one of the must-see attractions in Tenerife, and there is no better place to capture a fantastic photographic shot. Afterwards, the helicopter flies over the Forest Crown of the Cañadas del Teide National Park, revealing an incredible panorama of the surroundings and the Teide volcano.

Helicopter flight over the lower parts of the island – 390 euro/person, duration: 35-40 min

A helicopter flight over the lower parts of the island is one of the most attractive routes available. It combines the dry, southern landscape with the extraordinary vegetation of the north. From the picturesque La Caleta, passing through the coastal resorts of Alcala and Playa San Juan, all the way to Los Gigantes. Helicopter then flies towards Buenavista del Norte, where you can see incredibly lush vegetation characteristic of this part of the island. The itinerary continues to Garachico with its incredibly attractive natural pools. As well as Icod de Los Vinos, where the oldest and largest dragon tree in Tenerife is located. Return takes place through two national parks: Corona Forestal and El Teide, showcasing their size and splendor. The helicopter flight in Tenerife – the southern part of the island is a breathtaking expedition. The diversity of the terrain and the wildness of nature will surely surprise you.

Luxury helicopter flight over volcano El Teide – 495 euro/person, duration: 45-50 min

This is the longest and most comprehensive flight available in the helicopter tours of Tenerife. The most inaccessible corners of the island, breathtaking views, and diverse vegetation are almost within reach during just one excursion. The luxury flight over Mount Teide starts in Costa Adeje and follows the coastline all the way to Los Gigantes. It then continues over the Teno mountain massif towards the north, reaching Buenavista del Norte and Garachico. During this expedition, Mount Teide presents itself from various angles in all its splendor. It is a unique opportunity to observe the volcano up close and from a bird’s-eye perspective. The return journey takes place above the Corona Forestal Park, where you can admire the picturesque La Orotava Valley. Point of interest is the lava in Santiago del Teide, which formed during the island’s last volcanic eruption in 1909.

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Recommended to take

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses


Attraction currently does not offer free transportation

  • The helicopter departs from a helipad located near the Tu Trebol Adeje shopping center
  • We will include the exact location of the attraction along with a map in the confirmation email for your reservation
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