Cocktail Bars in Tenerife

Cocktail Bars in Tenerife

Cocktail bars in Tenerife are a hot topic when it comes to vacationing on this sunny Canary Island. When planning your dream holiday in Tenerife, everyone surely thinks about enjoying the perfect drink with a little umbrella. There are plenty of cocktail bars in Tenerife, but to find the right place without wasting money, it’s worth learning in advance which ones are truly good, as they come in various styles. From English bars serving average quality alcoholic drinks in large quantities, to unassuming local Spanish spots with delicious cocktails, to venues with tasteful decor and elaborately garnished drinks.

On our list, we’ve included exclusive cocktail bars, atmospheric venues with stylish drinks, and interesting local establishments – a little bit of everything! All while maintaining good quality and price! In the text, you’ll find more information about each place, including prices, cuisine, decor, and dress code suggestions.

Remember to check the opening hours of each venue before visiting. It’s best to check their Google Maps listing.

Cocktail Bars in Tenerife – Our Top 5 Favorites!

Roca Negra Sunset Club

Playa Paraiso is home to one of the best cocktail bars on the island. What truly sets this place apart is its location. Roca Negra is perched on a cliff right above the ocean. From this elevated vantage point, you can admire the beautiful view while sitting on couches along the promenade, at tables on the upper level where a DJ plays, or from the restaurant. The cocktail bar area is the perfect spot for enjoying a drink with a little umbrella, watching the sunset, and indulging in snacks or pizza. However, if you’re looking for a dinner experience, we recommend reserving a table at the adjacent Roca Negra restaurant. Designed in Balinese style, the restaurant exudes a unique atmosphere with hanging decorations, wooden sculptures, potted plants, and rope swings. Of course, the restaurant offers the same selection of fantastic colorful drinks and Spanish wines.

In a secluded area, a large brass “gong” is placed on wooden poles. This symbol, which arrived in Europe from Asia, blends perfectly with the ambiance of the place. Every Sunday during sunset, there is a 15-minute performance where a dancer moves gracefully in a flowing dress, making her way towards the gong and concluding the show by striking it with a special mallet.

  • Dress code: casual/elegant; ladies are advised to wear flat shoes due to the rocky terrain and relaxation area on the cliffs
  • Location: Playa Paraiso, Costa Adeje
  • Average cocktail price: €8.50
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We’ve placed Nashira in our top list due to its design, high-quality gastronomy and cocktails, service, and terrace view. The cocktails are served in various-shaped glasses and often garnished with plants or other additions.

Let’s start from the beginning. Nashira Cocktail Bar is located high up in Costa Adeje, on the other side of the highway from the beach. This provides an impressive view that stretches across Costa Adeje, surrounding towns, the ocean, and neighboring islands! Inside, a hostess dedicated to reservations will guide you to your table.

Nashira has several rooms inside with beautiful exclusive decor, but we consider the terrace to be the gem of this place! From the enormous glass balcony, you can admire the sunset, making the bar incredibly atmospheric. On weekends, there is also a DJ on the terrace, playing music at a volume that allows for comfortable conversation. It’s recommended to make a reservation in advance if you want a table with sofas on the terrace, as there are quite a few interested guests!

We mentioned the fantastic cocktails, but everyone likes to nibble on something while enjoying their drinks. The menu offers delicious pizza, appetizers, and main dishes. Be aware that the chefs put their hearts into the cooking!

  • Dress code: elegant/smart casual, high-heeled shoes are welcome
  • Location: Torviscas Alto, Costa Adeje
  • Average cocktail price: €10.00
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Monkey Beach Club

Impressive in its decoration and design even from the outside of the building, Monkey Beach is a stylish bar in the center of Las Américas with a “monkey” theme, inspired by trendy African style! Some drinks are even served in wooden buckets carved in the shape of monkey heads!

You will be greeted by two hostesses in elegant attire before entering, who will then lead you to your table.

Monkey Beach has two floors. The first floor is an elegant restaurant with glass windows and an ocean view. Second floor is a terrace, located on the upper part, which serves as a cocktail bar. The architects of Monkey Beach have made every effort to make this place exceptional, paying attention to the smallest detail. You have the choice of tables with high seats closer to the ocean, huge comfortable sofas with cushions, or tables in the other section where sushi is also served.

  • Dress code: elegant/smart casual, high-heeled shoes are welcome
  • Location: Las Américas
  • Average cocktail price: €10.00
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La Terrazza del Mare

La Terrazza del Mare is another cocktail bar that we include in our TOP 5 due to its ambiance, decor, presence of a DJ, and fantastic cuisine and cocktails. It is located by the ocean, right on the promenade in Las Américas, next to the previously mentioned Monkey Beach. The location itself is a major advantage as it is situated roughly in the middle of the local “tri-city” area, which includes the resorts of Costa Adeje, Las Américas, and Los Cristianos. There are many hotels, restaurants, and bars with music in the vicinity, and the renowned Papagayo nightclub is about 200 meters away.

As the name suggests (Terrazza means “terrace” in Italian), La Terrazza has two levels. The ground floor features a bar, tables, a DJ, and further back, the kitchen and restaurant. The aesthetic decor of the cocktail bar, along with the play of lights and rhythmic music, create an energetic atmosphere.

Upon ascending the stairs, on the upper terrace, you’ll find seating in various forms, comfortable loungers, wooden benches, a separate bar, and a more intimate atmosphere. DJs often perform on the terrace as well.

La Terrazza del Mare’s restaurant has received favorable reviews, offering meat dishes, seafood, and even sushi.

  • Dress code: elegant/smart casual, high-heeled shoes are welcome
  • Location: Las Américas
  • Average cocktail price: €9.00

La Casa Del Mojito XL

Cocktail bar located in Los Cristianos, situated at the very end of the building on the first floor, close to the oceanfront. The majority of tables are located on a large outdoor terrace, but there are also tables inside. We recommend sitting outdoors on the terrace to enjoy the refreshing view of the ocean through the glass railing. You can choose from tables with sofas, high chairs for 2-3 people, or large round tables for bigger groups.

Mojito XL is renowned for its delicious cocktails at a good price. In this case, the quality is not compromised by the price. They may look expensive, but they cost between €7 and €9. These tasty cocktails are perfect for “Instagram-worthy” photos. Decorations such as fruits, jelly sticks, strawberry or mango slices, and other fruits add charm to the drinks. For fans of dessert cocktails, we recommend trying the piña colada, which has the consistency of an ice-cold shake. You can have it in variations with strawberry, mango, or other flavors. Mojito XL likes to diversify and add new ideas to their menu. For chocolate and creamy flavor enthusiasts, we recommend the frozen version with Baileys, caramel or chocolate syrup, and adorned with wafers.

Usually, the waiter brings snacks like popcorn or nuts to the tables. If you’re lucky, you might also receive a tasting of small drinks as part of a promotion.

  • Dress code: elegant/smart casual, high-heeled shoes are welcome
  • Location: Los Cristianos
  • Average cocktail price: €8.00

Cocktail Bars in Tenerife – Worth Visiting

OA Beach Club Coctail Bar

OA Beach Club, which is included on our list of beach clubs in southern Tenerife, has a separate space with a bar that operates as a cocktail bar.

It opens at 6:00 PM and fills up with tourists who come for delicious drinks and sunset views. You can lounge on comfortable sofas with low tables and admire the ocean view. OA is located right by the water’s edge and even features a natural pool as part of the club.

The beautifully crafted cocktails will be a delight for your taste buds. The venue is very atmospheric and situated in the tourist area of Las Americas, which is why it has earned a place on our list, just below the top spots!

  • Dress code: smart casual, heels or footwear according to personal preference
  • Location: Las Américas
  • Average cocktail price: €8.00


Coqueluche is a beach bar located on Playa la Enramada, a beach where paragliders land during the day. It features a pebbly gray-black beach with turquoise-colored water. Situated in a quieter part of the island near La Caleta, it is truly charming, and the sunsets from this beach are breathtaking. Coqueluche cocktail bar has several rows of tables with seating, poufs, and wide straw umbrellas that add to its charm. Along with delicious colorful drinks, you’ll also get a snack in the form of olives or chips. If you’re looking for something more substantial, they offer tasty appetizers and meals.

Coqueluche has a designated concert area right by the bar, and there are additional tables around it. The bar regularly hosts musical bands playing rock, pop, and other genres.

You can reach the cocktail bar by strolling along the promenade that stretches from Los Cristianos through Américas, San Eugenio, and Costa Adeje. The bar is located at the very end of the promenade.

  • Dress code: casual, for ladies, flat shoes are recommended due to the wooden floor and sand
  • Location: La Caleta, Costa Adeje
  • Average cocktail price: 9,00 €

Akustito Los Cristianos

Akustito Los Cristianos is a cocktail bar with a vibrant Hawaiian decor that matches its flavorful cocktails. Their specialty is Spanish-style mojitos in various flavor options. The venue offers tables with comfortable sofas inside or chairs outside. We also recommend trying their dishes and snacks as the level of gastronomy is really high!

This establishment has earned a remarkable 5-star rating on TripAdvisor!

  • Dress code: generally casual, with the option of wearing heels according to personal preference
  • Location: Los Cristianos
  • Average cocktail price: €7.00
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The Wild Side

Our favorite in San Telmo, the line of bars and restaurants located by the Las Vistas beach. Facing the ocean, you’ll primarily find bars, while the restaurants are situated on the upper side facing the street.

The Wild Side is a bar run by Italians with an interesting jungle-themed design, suspended swings on ropes, and poufs. You can also sit outside where there are a few tables. With every delicious cocktail, you’ll receive a snack, usually in the form of chips and olives. Our favorite cocktails include piña colada, porn star martini, and mojito. However, all drinks are prepared with passion, so you can choose your own flavor!

Dress code: Normal/casual or slightly dressed up, with the option of wearing heels according to personal preference. Location: San Telmo, Los Cristianos Average cocktail price: €8.00

  • Dress code: normal/casual or slightly dressed up, with the option of wearing heels according to personal preference
  • Location: an Telmo, Los Cristianos
  • Average cocktail price: €8.00

Altamira Chillout

If you’re in the Playa del Duque area, you can visit Altamira, a cocktail bar right by the promenade with a beautiful view of the ocean. It’s a pleasant place with comfortable sofas and background music playing from the speakers. Altamira Chillout is a relatively simple venue without special design elements, DJs, or other attractions, which is why it is listed in the second part of our list.

  • Dress code: gnerally casual, optionally elegant in the evening
  • Location: El Duque, Costa Adeje
  • Average cocktail price: €8.00

La Flaca

La Flaca is a cocktail bar located in the tourist town of Costa Adeje, and it attracts attention mainly due to its location. The ambiance of this place is pleasant, and while it may not be an elegant cocktail bar, it has its charm. The tree canopies growing around La Flaca create a “ceiling” over part of the venue, which is quite impressive. You can sit on leather sofas, smaller seats at smaller tables, or larger tables for bigger groups.

  • Dress code: generally casual, optionally with heels depending on personal preference
  • Location: Fañabé, Costa Adeje
  • Average cocktail price: €8.00
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La CocKteleria

This place exudes a local Spanish atmosphere. It’s a small cocktail bar run by a Canarian and an Italian, with only three outdoor tables. It’s perfect for grabbing a drink to go. The cocktails are quite large and reasonably priced. While they may not be on par with the best cocktail bars in terms of quality, we would still say they are pretty good. If you’re looking for a pre-party spot or don’t want to spend much on drinks at renowned establishments, La CocKteleria is the right place for you! Note: Drinks here tend to be strong :)

  • Dress code: generally casual
  • Location: San Eugenio, Costa Adeje
  • Average cocktail price: €5.00
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