Beach Clubs in Tenerife

Beach Clubs in Tenerife

Hungry for adventure, eagerly waiting for the evening to unwind and immerse themselves in the whirlwind of nightlife… However, the parties on this sunny island start much earlier! We’re talking about beach clubs in Tenerife. They open their doors as early as the afternoon, offering their own pools or beachfront locations. Drinks with umbrellas, comfortable large beds with canopies, relaxing house music, infinity pools—these are just some of the advantages of these places. Each beach club in Tenerife is located in a different spot, has a unique style and atmosphere. Check out our article to get to know them better and find out which one suits you the most!

The order of beach clubs in our article is random. Remember to check the opening hours of each place before visiting. It’s best to refer to the Google Maps business profile.

OA Beach Club

OA Beach Club offers all-day parties right by the ocean. This spacious, fenced beach club is located between the promenade and the ocean. On its premises, right in front of the ocean, you’ll find a natural pool equipped with ladders for easy access to the water, as well as sun loungers and an artificial beach right next to it. OA has two floors, with the upper part hosting a bar with tables and sofas, which also heats up the party in the late evening. On weekends, even more people are drawn to the club by live DJs. The ground floor, also equipped with a bar, is a typical beach club area where you’ll find open lounges, as well as covered ones, sun loungers, intricate structures serving as sofas, and poufs and tables.

The menu offers beautifully crafted, delicious drinks, as well as snacks and more refined dishes such as octopus. Furthermore, the majority of the club is covered in fine, golden sand, which enhances the beach atmosphere even more. The club predominantly plays electronic music genres like house, techno, but you might also come across reggaeton or other Spanish rhythms.

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, Japanese, fast food – seafood, poke bowls, fish, burgers, salads, meat
  • Location: Playa de las Américas
  • Prices: Cocktails €8 – €15 / dishes €10 – €25


Kaluna Beach Club

Kaluna Beach Club in Tenerife hosts a hot party five days a week! Located right next to the Puerto Colon port, the club features an infinity pool with a beautiful view of the ocean, making it a sought-after spot. It’s a favorite place for influencers to take pictures, as every photo taken here looks exclusive and impressive.

You can relax on luxurious VIP beds in the front row by the pool or opt for equally comfortable beds in several rows closer to the bar. The second part of the beach club has a jacuzzi and beds for clients seeking relaxation in their own group of friends. For groups who prefer shaded areas, Kaluna offers bamboo, atmospheric gazebos where you can be protected from the scorching sun. The club’s menu includes fantastic colorful cocktails as well as some bites to eat.

Kaluna has been particularly popular among British visitors, but it also attracts many Spaniards and tourists from all over Europe. Since the reopening of Kaluna after the pandemic, entry to the club is free for everyone; you just need to order something at the bar, and you’ll be provided with a table and access to the pool. During peak season, especially on weekends, it is recommended to reserve beds in advance and pay online. But don’t worry! Kaluna allows you to spend all that during the day at the bar! This beach club does not charge a separate fee for reservations.

  • Cuisine: Fast food – hot sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pizza, salads
  • Location: Costa Adeje, between Puerto Colón and Playa de Torviscas
  • Prices: Cocktails €7 – €8 / dishes €6 – €13


Le Club

Located on the touristy Fañabe Beach, the prestigious Le Club is actually the only club situated directly on the sandy beach by the ocean. The area is very diverse as there are several shops and restaurants along the 600-meter stretch of beach. Beach itself is also full of water attractions, bars, and sun loungers. The beach club has multiple rows of large and comfortable beds, with the last row additionally featuring a canopy. To cool off a bit, just take a few steps and you can swim in the ocean!

During the week, many tourists from different parts of the world, young people, and families with children come here. Weekends at Le Club are more party-oriented as a live DJ takes the stage, attracting a larger crowd of young people who come to enjoy the music. Lively and somewhat louder music fills the entire club. Le Club Beach Club offers excellent colorful drinks and a variety of food such as salads, burgers, and more. The cost of a bed at Le Club ranges from €60 to €120, depending on the location and season, including a non-refundable €20 fee for the bed, and the rest can be spent at the bar.

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, fast food – paella, seafood, salads, hot sandwiches, burgers
  • Location: Costa Adeje, Playa de Fañabe
  • Prices: €11 – €14 / dishes €10 – €25″


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