Tenerife Weather

Tenerife Weather

While planning your desired vacation you are wondering what month will be the best and what is like Tenerife weather at this time. Answering your question, it is an island that guarantees good weather for most of the year. The average annual temperature is 21.5 °C. But it should be noted that the weather in Tenerife may vary slightly depending on whether you chose North or South of the island as your vacation destination. You are certainly wondering why such a relationship occurs. Well, the culprit is located in the central part of the island, volcano El Teide (3718 m a.s.l.). Which stops the moist air flowing in from the north, thereby dividing Tenerife into two climate zones.

Tenerife Weather – North and South

The northern part of the island is known for its beautiful tropical flora and extraordinary specimens of trees. The merit of the richly developed flora are lower temperatures, higher humidity, more cloudy sky and greater likelihood of rainfall. When choosing Puerto de la Cruz, keep this in mind.

The southern part is a paradise for those who love vitamin D. It is definitely warmer, more sunny and full of many beautiful sandy beaches. Water sports enthusiasts, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, should definitely go to the town of El Medano (located about 7 km from the airport in the south of the island). Which is known for its quite strong winds and is the “Mecca” of surfers. People who prefer passive rest will find beaches located away from the wind. Such as Playa Duque and Playa de las Vistas.


Rainfall in Tenerife

The average sum of annual rainfall in Tenerife is about 150 mm. To compare, in entire United Kingdom annual sum is 885 mm. Interestingly, in the winter, on the highest peak of Spain – El Teide volcano, we can observe snow at an altitude of over 2000 m a.s.l., while enjoying the heat on the local beaches.

Tenerife Weather in winter

Tenerife Weather January

January is the coldest month in Tenerife. The average daily temperature in the north of the island – in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is around 19 °C. Whereas in the south of the island (Playa de Las Americas) it is 21 °C. During the day, however, the temperature can rise up to 25 °C. We recommend taking warmer clothes with you because the evenings and nights are cool – around 16 °C. It is dry and sunny, and rainfall is rare – up to 4 days per month. For lovers of sea bathing, we also have good information – the water temperature in January is around 19 °C.

Tenerife Weather February

The temperature is similar to that in January. Around 19 °C in the north of the island and 21 °C in the south. The sun on the island rises around 7:45 and sets at 18:58. If you have doubts about the possibility of sunbathing, we assure you that you will return home tanned, because the perceived temperatures are much higher. Also remember that this is a carnival month in Tenerife. With such a party, even a small drop in temperature should not bother anyone!

Tenerife Weather March

March in Tenerife is the last winter month. The temperature begins to rise, and if you are lucky you can experience the truly holiday weather. In the northern part of the island, e.g. in a noteworthy city, La Laguna, the average air temperature is around 20 °C. On the south coast of the island, on the other hand, temperatures can reach above 25 °C. In the first half of the month there is a small probability of rainfall, but it is still up to a maximum of 3 days per month.

Tenerife Wather in spring

Tenerife Weather April

For those who plan their holidays in Tenerife in April, we have good news – it is already spring here. Sun begins to shine intensively, and the probability of rainfall is negligible. Higher temperatures can be expected in the south of the island. The average daytime air temperature is around 23 °C, but during this period there are also days when thermometers show 30 °C! The air temperature at night does not fall below 18 °C. April in the north of the island is slightly cooler. The average daytime temperature is around 21 °C, while at night it is around 16 °C. The water temperature is around 20 °C.

Tenerife Weather May

May in Tenerife, thanks to incoming hot masses of air from Africa, is very warm. But you should not expect real summer heat. The air temperature during the day in the south of the island (Playa de Las Americas) is around 25 °C. The nights are pleasant – the temperature does not fall below 18 °C. For lovers of sunbathing and sea bathing – the water temperature in May is about 21 °C, and the number of sunny hours is 9. The weather in the north of the island is more like an English spring – the average air temperature is about 22 °C, with tourists enjoying the picturesque green landscapes.

Tenerife Weather June

June is the ideal month for various attractions in Tenerife, in particular mountain tours in the north of the island. The average temperature on this part of the island is 24 °C, it is clear and the risk of rainfall is negligible. The southern part of Tenerife is warmer, the average temperature here is 26 °C, however thermometers in this period often indicate over 30 °C. Nights are very warm with an average minimum temperature of around 20 °C. The water temperature in the ocean is 21 °C, so it’s a great time for water attractions in Tenerife.

Tenerife Weather in summer

Tenerife Weather July

July is the perfect month for people who love the heat and want to come back from vacation with a beautiful brown tan. The average air temperature in the south of the island is around 30 °C, it is sunny and clear. Similar weather occurs in the north of Tenerife, where thermometers show only 2 degrees less. The water temperature in July is 22 °C, and we can enjoy the sun about fourteen hours during the day.

Tenerife Weather August

August is a very hot and dry month in both, the north and south of the island. The average air temperature in Tenerife is 29 °C, but in this period we can expect 35-40 degrees of heat. It is worth noting, that in August Calima is very common – an atmospheric phenomenon associated with the eastern wind called Sirocco, blowing from the side of Africa. Passing over a hundreds of kilometres route over the ocean, it carries hot air masses together with desert sand. The air is dry and heavy and the sky turns gray instead of blue. The temperature of water in August is 22 °C.

Tenerife Weather September

September, like other summer months, is full of hot days, beautiful sunsets and warm evenings and nights. It is also a perfect time to choose attractions in Tenerife in the form of trips to the Anaga or Teno mountains. The average air temperature on the island is 28 °C, but keep in mind the difference between the north, which is slightly cooler and wetter, and the south of the island – where heat and drought prevail. In September, there is rather no rainfall, and the water temperature in the assessment reaches 23 °C.

Tenerife Weather in autumn

Tenerife Weather October

In October, the weather in Tenerife is characterized by very pleasant air temperatures. Cloudless sky and a low probability of rainfall. During the day in the south of the island, we can expect temperatures in the range of 25-30 °C. In the north about 2 degrees less on the thermometer. The temperature at night and in the morning does not fall below 20 °C. In October, the water in the ocean, after the summer heat is warm – its temperature is 24 °C, and we can enjoy the sun for about 10 hours.

Tenerife Weather November

In England it is cold, gray and rainy, but what is the weather like in Tenerife in November? The average air temperature in the south of the island is around 23 °C. But there will certainly be days during which we will feel the real afternoon heat. The air temperature in the north of the island is slightly lower and is around 21 °C. Evenings and nights are still very warm – around 19 °C. Rain may occur in November, but more often in the north of Tenerife.

Tenerife Weather December

Are you wondering if December is a good month for a holiday in Tenerife? The answer is YES! The southern part of the island will definitely be a better choice. Where the average air temperature is around 20 °C, and at noon thermometers can show up to 25 °C! We can expect rainfall. But remember that they last a few minutes during the day, and the number of rainy days in a month does not exceed 5. December is the perfect month to combine sunbathing with walking and sightseeing. The northern part of the island is much cooler (air temperature can drop to as much as 15 °C), and rainfall is more frequent and intense. The water temperature is around 20 °C.

Tenerife Weather – summary

The temperature amplitude of Tenerife is very low throughout the year. Therefore they could perfectly acclimatize here imported from Asia – platanos (local bananas), which do not like large temperature changes.

Summer months often show 33 °C while winter months during the day show about 21 °C. It’s only 12 °C difference per year! As the temperature drops significantly more in the winter, even to 15 °C, in the summer it is still 20 °C and more.

However, remember about climate differences, i.e. north and south. And also as different heights as possible at which we will stop. The temperatures given by us occur up to 300 m a.s.l. If you choose an apartment or hotel at an altitude of 800 m a.s.l, be aware of a much lower temperature. We know well that the highest peak of Tenerife is 3718 m above sea level. We can drive up to 2200 m a.s.l. which is still 800 m more than the highest peak of United Kingdom. Ben Nevis measures only 1345 meters above sea level.