Accommodation in Tenerife

Accommodation in Tenerife

Tenerife offers a multitude of choices for vacations, making it difficult for most of us to decide. Hotels in Tenerife come in various standards and cater to specific groups of people. Families, couples, older individuals, and those in need of relaxation, such as with spa facilities. They must meet our requirements while being worth their price. It’s worth starting by choosing a location based on the weather. Few people know that there is a significant difference between the north and the south, which you can read more about in our article on the weather in Tenerife.

Next, we choose a more specific location, depending on whether you prefer touristy towns or quiet, secluded places. Or perhaps you want to be as close as possible to the attractions that interest you? We invite you to delve deeper into our article about the towns in Tenerife. Once we have chosen a specific place on the island, the question of accommodation type arises. What options do we have, and how do they differ?

Apartment, Villa, or Hotel?

Apartment in Tenerife

Option for those who prefer to organize their vacations independently. Usually designed for 2-6 people, apartments have a kitchen, allowing you to enjoy shared meals in the comfort of a home without crowds and queues. Often, apartments have a shared pool with residents of other units. Renting an individual accommodation option is usually more cost-effective than a hotel. If you’re lucky enough to find an apartment close to the ocean and tourist areas, you can get by without a car; otherwise, we recommend renting one.

Villa in Tenerife

Even more comfortable option than the previous one, as all its services are exclusively for the occupants. If you have a large group, it’s an excellent choice since villas are usually designed for 6-12 people. You can prepare your meals just like in apartments. Contrary to appearances, dining in Tenerife is not expensive; you just need to seek out local places where you won’t overpay. You can have breakfast for as little as 3-5 euros. However, we recommend renting a car for the duration of your stay since villas are usually located in more remote areas such as hillsides. Depending on the standard, villas can additionally offer a terrace, barbecue, pool, and much more.

Hotel in Tenerife

The best option for those who enjoy comfort and service. Most hotels offer all-inclusive options, providing access to meals and drinks throughout the day. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning. Depending on whether the hotel focuses on relaxation and tranquility or entertainment and activities, different aspects characterize it. Family hotels usually offer animation programs, performances, and complexes of pools for adults and children, with some even featuring water slides. For older individuals seeking tranquility or couples looking for a romantic getaway, there are spa hotels often featuring elegant dinners, live music, and shows. There are even hotels exclusively for guests above eighteen years old. If you love spending your vacation within the hotel premises, this option is for you! We have selected a recommended option from each category.

Hotels in Tenerife – South of Tenerife

Hotels in Tenerife for Families with Children

VILLA TAGORO FAMILY & FUN – a hotel primarily focused on families with children. On a vast area, we have playgrounds, a mini-club, pools for both older and younger children, a pool with slides and a “lazy river” stream, and a small heated pool for kids. Daily animations and performances are held. The hotel has earned 4 stars on TripAdvisor. It is located in Costa Adeje in the south of the island, where the sun almost always shines. It’s a tourist town, and there are several attractions nearby, including Siam Park.

LA PINTA – another family-friendly hotel loved by tourists. It features pools of various sizes for adults and children, with slides and a water playground. Outside, you will also find a small playground. The hotel is decorated in a maritime style with blue and white colors. Due to its location, it offers a beautiful view and is located right by the turquoise La Pinta beach. This hotel has received an impressive rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor. It is also located in the tourist area of Costa Adeje.

ALLEGRO IZORA – a hotel with an interesting design in pastel colors. It has a large area with 3 pools. It offers a small, shallow pool for young children with a mini slide and a palm-shaped fountain. For older children, the hotel has a wide slide that leads to a large pool. Of course, you will find family attractions, performances, and a mini-club here as well. The hotel is located in the western part of the island in the town of Los Gigantes.

Hotels in Tenerife for Adults

TIGOTAN – a hotel located right in the entertainment center of Tenerife, Las Américas, where you’ll find a concentration of bars and nightclubs. It is designed for adults and is a multi-story hotel on a hill with a complex of pools, bars, and restaurants on the ground floor. However, the best part is its rooftop area with beautiful views, where you’ll find two pools, a jacuzzi, a bar, and sun loungers. If you love large hotels with spectacular views, this one will definitely appeal to you.

PLAYA FLOR – a hotel located in Las Américas, close to clubs and pubs. It is definitely for those who don’t mind music and are looking for entertainment on their vacation. The hotel is also LGBTQ+ friendly. It has a very large pool and private jacuzzi accommodations. Decorated in a Buddhist style with sculptures, canopy beds, talismans, and other architectural elements, it creates a unique atmosphere. It has a great location right next to the La Pinta beach. This hotel has received an impressive rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor.

ROYAL HIDEWAY CORALES BEACH – Adults Only – this is the most luxurious option among the hotels we have chosen for adults. This five-star hotel features a pool with loungers on the ground floor and on the rooftop, there is a spa area and sunbeds. It is designed in a tasteful and elegant naturalistic style, predominantly using wood and stone. The meals, service, and attention to detail are all of the highest quality. From the terrace on the rooftop, you can enjoy a view of the beautiful black, rocky beach of La Caleta. The hotel is located in a quiet and peaceful area, about a 10-15 minute drive from the bars and nightclubs of Las Américas.

Hotels in Tenerife with SPA

MARYLANZA – a hotel specifically focused on clients seeking accommodation in a beautiful place with a spa. This stylish hotel, adorned with tropical vegetation, is designed in a naturalistic style. It features a large pool with a mosaic floor that looks stunning when illuminated with colored lights at night. There is also a spacious spa area with saunas, a water aerobics zone, and a complex with pools offering water massages. Parents will be pleased with the presence of a mini-club and playground. Marylanza Suites & Spa is located in Las Américas.

GRAN TACANDE WELLNESS & RELAX – a large five-star hotel with a massive pool that includes several water jet stations, as well as indoor spas and jacuzzis. It is divided into several zones, providing a sense of privacy. Some areas feature canopy beds, private spaces, and beautiful greenery. You won’t be lacking anything here. The hotel offers an exclusive design, excellent cuisine, rooms with jacuzzis, relaxation, massages, and much more. To top it all off, it is situated just across from one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, El Duque in Costa Adeje, where the turquoise water contrasts with the light sand.

ROYAL GARDEN VILLAS – one of the most beautiful spa hotels. This luxurious five-star hotel, designed in a Balinese style, has been carefully crafted with attention to every detail. The oriental-inspired spa features an indoor pool and Turkish baths. Guests can also enjoy a hydromassage tub, an ice fountain, and various beauty treatments. The rooms resemble Turkish chambers, with canopied beds, ornaments, intriguing column forms, and wooden and metal decorations. Color scheme in earth tones and the inspiration drawn from nature transport you mentally to the East. Hotel is located in Adeje, near tourist towns, and offers views of the ocean and mountains.

Hotels in Tenerife – North of Tenerife

Hotels in Tenerife for Families with Children

TURQUESA PLAYA – If you’re looking for a cozy, family-friendly hotel with plenty of attractions without seeking a high standard, this place is for you. The hotel is located in a great location in Puerto De La Cruz, right by the beach. It has everything you need for both kids and adults. There are outdoor and indoor pools, jacuzzis, a mini-club, a playground, mini-golf, a gym, a sports area, and much more. With such a spacious area, parents will definitely have room to relax, and the entertainment team ensures that the fun is even more enjoyable.

Hotels in Tenerife for Adults

BE LIVE ADULTS ONLY – a hotel in Puerto de La Cruz with a standard for those who are less demanding. However, it is worth recommending for people looking for a quiet hotel for adults. It has a great location, close to the beach and the city center, and since it is a tall building, the view from the higher floors is breathtaking. Next to the hotel, you will find the characteristic black beach of volcanic Tenerife with turquoise ocean water. The hotel is considered to be in the mid-range price standard and is worth considering for those who don’t spend their entire stay in the hotel but are looking for a decent hotel in a good location.

Hotels in Tenerife with SPA

ATLANTIC MIRAGE SUITESS & SPA – also located in Puerto de La Cruz, this hotel offers a high standard for a 3-star establishment. The elegant decor features stone, wood, and glass, creating an ideal atmosphere for a spa hotel. Water massages, treatments, and jacuzzis are just some of the services offered by Atlantic Mirage. On the rooftop, with a wooden deck, you’ll find a long bar and a relaxation area with pools and water loungers. On the ground floor, there is a pool with white loungers, which are also located by a glass wall, offering a beautiful view of the mountains and the El Teide volcano. These amazing views can be enjoyed from almost every part of the hotel, and the ocean is right nearby. search engine:
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