Recommended bars and restaurants

Recommended bars and restaurants in Tenerife

The number of restaurants and bars in Tenerife is simply countless, but it must be admitted that many of these places can be disappointing. Touristy colorful restaurants attract tourists, but they don’t necessarily focus on quality. We all know that a hungry Pole is an angry Pole. Therefore, we would like to share our tried and tested places with you, to save you time and nerves, and to treat your taste buds. The recommended bars and restaurants in Tenerife that we present to you offer affordable prices and high-quality dishes. Additionally, in making our selection, we made sure that you won’t leave hungry after the meal. We must also mention that in the Canary Islands, delicious food doesn’t always go hand in hand with exclusive interiors. Very often, in places that may seem unassuming, even very simple and local, you will find the best and largest dishes.

Casa Africa

A cozy local place located in the northern part of the island, right by the beach. The spacious interior with numerous tables and a not very stylish decor is definitely compensated by the flavors! Colorful salads with exotic dragon fruits called “pitaya,” perfectly prepared fish, sizzling oysters that truly satisfy the palate! The star dish is the octopus prepared in two versions, from the pan and from the oven. However, we recommend the first option, as it is unmatched! The restaurant has a rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Location: Playa del Roque de las Bodegas
  • Prices:€10.00 – €20.00 for dishes

El Cordero

If you’re a true carnivore, you must visit this restaurant. Typical Canarian flavors in a unique setting – that’s how this place can be summarized. The floor is rustic, the ceiling is thatched, and plants grow among the tables. Don’t be surprised if a bird flies overhead during your meal – it’s part of the charm of this place. From the kitchen, guests are served platters full of various meats. Generous portions ensure that you won’t leave this place hungry.

  • Cuisine: Canarian
  • Location: Guargacho
  • Prices: €10.00 – €20.00 for dishes
Guachinche na Teneryfie - El Cordero

El Fronton

If you venture far north of the island and crave a meeting with delicious seafood, we recommend this place. Somewhere high up in the mountains, perched on one of the cliffs, you’ll find this little eatery with a beautiful view of the ocean. The prices are really low, and the service is very friendly. We suggest trying the local white wine with its sweet fruity taste. El Fronton offers typical Canarian cuisine with a modest local decor.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Location: Benijo
  • Prices: €10.00 – €20.00 for dishes

El Gomero

A restaurant located right on the main street, one of the most popular tourist coasts in Las Américas. Unlike the high-priced establishments on the beach, this place is known for its generous portions at a low cost. It mainly attracts locals or people who have been recommended the place. Unassuming and not flashy, it only has indoor seating. If you come for lunch around 2-3 pm, you may have to wait in line for a table. The menu offers a huge selection, with a focus on Canarian and Mediterranean cuisine. We recommend trying the meats, fish, seafood, and paella. The downside of this place may be the crowds during peak hours and the waiters’ inability to handle the situation.

  • Cuisine: Canarian
  • Location: Las Américas
  • Prices: €6.00 – €16.00 for dishes

El Pescaito I

A small eatery with an unassuming appearance, located somewhere in a side street. Remember when we mentioned that the most unassuming restaurants and bars in Tenerife have the most delicious food? That’s why El Pescaito is always full of people. If you enjoy fish and seafood, it’s definitely worth going to Palm Mar and visiting this place. Affordable prices and diverse flavors await you. However, most of the dishes are served in crispy breading, so if you prefer lighter cuisine, ask the waiter for advice when choosing. We recommend accompanying your feast with delicious fruity white wine from Tenerife. The restaurant was founded by an experienced Canarian chef, and the level and preparation of the dishes have remained unchanged.

El Pescaito II

This is the second restaurant under the same name, with the exact same menu. It is also run by the experienced Canarian chef who opened the first location. It is located in Los Cristianos, close to the port and the Big Fish diving school.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Location: Palm Mar and Los Cristianos
  • Prices: €6.00 – €16.00 for dishes

El Timon

A two-story, small eatery located right by the ocean. The waves wash up against the terrace of the lower level, allowing us to enjoy the sound of the ocean. From the upper floor, we have an even wider view of the ocean. The maritime atmosphere of the restaurant blends perfectly with the surroundings, and the smell of fresh fish greets us at the entrance. The service may be a bit eccentric but very friendly. It’s not an exclusive restaurant but a typical Canarian place with delicious food. The prices are slightly higher, but we would definitely say they are justified by the quality. The seafood is fantastic, fresh, and mouthwatering. A platter is enough for up to 3 people.

  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Location: El Médano
  • Prices: €10.00 – €20.00 for dishes

La Terraza de Betty

A restaurant located high in the mountain forest. Massive wooden tables amidst tall, dense pine trees, with rays of sunlight shining through. The atmosphere here is typically rustic and pleasant. For food, you’ll find grilled meats, blood sausage, sausages served with salad and fries or Canarian potatoes. However, it’s worth trying something local, and from our own experience, we recommend the best goat and rabbit we’ve had so far. The quantity of meat available each day is limited, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to enjoy our favorite. A tasty treat is the grilled goat cheese served with mojo sauces. There’s a huge meat platter available for 60 euros, theoretically meant for 6 people, but even 9 adults couldn’t handle this meat challenge. It’s good to know that only cash payments are accepted due to weak reception in the mountains.

  • Cuisine: Canarian
  • Location: on the mountain road from La Esperanza to El Teide
  • Prices: €6.00 – €16.00 for dishes

Meson Era Las Mozas

A restaurant located slightly higher up in the mountains, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The place is always full of people, creating a festive and homely atmosphere. The tables are filled with delicious dishes and local wine. Meson Era Las Mozas is known for its low prices and large portions. The restaurant mainly caters to meat lovers and fans of Canarian cuisine. We especially recommend the steaks and ribs, which are popular choices among customers.

  • Cuisine: Canarian
  • Location: Arona
  • Prices: €10.00 – €20.00 for dishes
Polecane bary i restauracje - Otelo


Located at the top of a mountain, this small eatery is situated in the beautiful town of Adeje. However, getting here is not as comfortable due to the very steep incline. Once you overcome the challenge of driving, you can enjoy the local cuisine. The signature dishes here are chicken and rabbit. They taste wonderful when paired with Canarian potatoes and mojo sauces. The biggest advantage of the restaurant is its terrace, which offers views of the towering mountains and the town of Adeje.

  • Cuisine: Canarian
  • Location: Adeje
  • Prices: €6.00 – €16.00 for dishes

Pizza y Pasta

Beloved by everyone, pizza is available almost everywhere, but certainly not like this! It may become your favorite pizzeria. Owner Marek, after spending many years in sunny Italy, now spoils us in Tenerife. With exceptional care for the quality of ingredients, he offers pizzas with a wonderful taste, baked in a wood-fired oven.

What sets these pies apart? The combination and abundance of ingredients. Pizza with avocado, Italian ham, egg, and fluffy mozzarella or a spicy one with various types of meat and peppers. The unique selection of ingredients reigns supreme here. And if you think you won’t be surprised by any pasta or salad anymore, try one of the options from the menu. To complete this culinary delight, we recommend trying their homemade desserts. We don’t know anyone who left unsatisfied, and there’s often a queue outside the restaurant, so it’s worth making a reservation, especially for the evening. In TripAdvisor rankings, the place is in the top ten in the area.

  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Location: Los Cristianos
  • Prices: €10.00 – €15.00 for pizza

WOK Chinatown

On Tenerife, you’ll find many Chinese cuisine buffets, but one is truly worth recommending. The entrance fee to the WOK restaurant in Las Chafiras is €14.90 per person, and you can eat as much as you want. Inside, you’ll find a buffet with prepared appetizers such as dumplings, fruits, sauces, and seafood.

The menu offers over 100 items to order. Meat lovers can enjoy crispy versions or hot dishes of chicken, duck, pork, or beef, while fans of Mediterranean cuisine will be satisfied with the various preparations of shrimp, fish, mussels, or squid. The menu also includes several soup and appetizer options. Sushi lovers will find different types of rolls, which are prepared on the spot rather than being part of the buffet. You can also order additional pieces of raw fish to make your sushi experience even more fulfilling. For dessert, you can order fried bananas or apples in breadcrumbs and maple syrup.

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Location: Las Chafiras
  • Prices: All you can eat for €15.00, drinks starting from €3.00

On Tenerife, there are countless establishments with food. Some close, others open. We have presented our favorite “Recommended bars and restaurants,” but there are still many interesting eateries we haven’t discovered yet, so try everything. And remember not to judge a restaurant by its decor. In the Canary Islands, the emphasis is placed on the quality of the food rather than the interior design. Also, don’t forget to check out the article “Food in Tenerife – What to Try”. You’ll surely find your taste there.

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