Useful phrases in Spanish

Useful phrases in Spanish

It is not easy to put all the most useful Spanish phrases on one A4 page. Therefore, in order not to scare you away, we provide just a few polite phrases and examples of full phrases on vacation, along with a list of words that will allow you to create your own phrases and you will surely impress your friends!

Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. The Canary Islands, on the other hand, are the best choice for a warm and sunny holiday, especially in winter, because there is around 350 days of sunshine a year. You do not believe? Read our article about weather in Tenerife.

Not all of us had the opportunity to learn this beautiful language. However, nothing is lost! It is important that not knowing the language does not block you from choosing a tourist destination, and even gives you pleasure in the ability to use the language in the country. That’s why we’ve put together some basic, useful phrases in Spanish that will definitely be enough to make you shine during your vacation!

Polite phrases:

Hola – hi
Buenas dias – good morning
Buenas tardes – good afternoon
Buenas noches – good evening
Adios – bye
Gracias – thank you
De nada
– you’re welcome
Por favor – please
Perdona – sorry
¿Come estas? – how are you?
Bien – good

Examples of full phrases:

Vamos a la playa – we go to the beach / let’s go to the beach
Vamos a la cena – let’s go to dinner
La cuenta, por favor – the bill, please
¿Puedo tener una cerveza? – can I have a beer?
¿Puedo usar aseos? – can I use toilets?
¿Donde es la playa? – where is the beach?
¿Perdona, donde es mi hotel? – excuse me, where is my hotel?
Me gustaria aquilar un coche – I’d like to rent a car
Me gusta mucho Tenerife – I really like Tenerife

Personal pronouns:

Yo – I
(singular) – You
El – He
Ella – She
Nosotros – We
Vosotros (plural) – You
Ellos (masculine) – They
Ellas (feminine) – They


Gustar – like
Me gusta – I like
Me gustaria – I would like
Quiero – I want
Vamos – We go / Let’s go
Bailamos – We dance
Puedo – I can
– Can you?
Busco – I search
Tener – have
Tengo – I have
Usar – use
Aquilar – rent


¿Donde? – where?
¿Cuando? – when?
¿Cuanto? – how much? / how many?
¿Cual? – which?
¿Por que? – why?
Aqui – here
Ahi – there
Mi – my
Tu – your


Grande – big
Pequeño – small
Fuerte – strong
– weak


Y – and
O – or
Pero – but
Porque – because


Mas – more
Menos – less


Mucho – a lot of
Poquito – a little

Uno (masculine) – one
Una (feminine) – one
Dos – two
Tres – three
Cuatro – four
Cinco – five
Seis – six
Siete – seven
Ocio – eight
Nueve – nine
Dies – ten
– eleven
Dose – twelve
Trese – thirteen
Catorce – fourteen
Quinse – fifteen
Dieciséis – sixteen
 – seventeen
 – eighteen
 – nineteen
 – twenty

Useful words at dinner:

Agua – water
Caña – little pint
Jarra – pint
Cerveza – beer
Copa – drinking glass
Desayuno – breakfast
Almuerzo – lunch
Cena – dinner
Plato – plate
La Cuenta – the bill

Words for places:

Playa – beach
Montañas – mountains
Puerto – harbour
Aeropuerto – airport
Restaurante – restaurant
Chiringuito – bar on the beach
Correos – post office
Bańo – bathroom
Aseos – toilets
Ducha – shower


Bicycleta – bicycle
Coche – car
Motocycleta – motocycle
Barco – boat
Avion – airplane