Parties in Tenerife

Parties in Tenerife – Nightlife in Southern Tenerife

Certainly, if you came to Tenerife, you were aware that it is the most party-oriented Canary Island. During the day, it’s usually relaxed parties in beach clubs, often with live music. However, after sunset, Tenerife can turn into a true queen of the night.

In the south of the island, you will find plenty of bars, clubs, and discos. It’s worth mentioning that not all of them are worth visiting. However, there are many great places where you can party until dawn. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the club scene and dress code to avoid any mishaps. Keep in mind that the intensity of the parties varies depending on the time of year. Boat parties are organized in summer, which you can find in our offer, while festivals and carnival take place in early spring. So, what exactly do the club parties in Tenerife look like? To answer this question, we have prepared a small guide to the party scene – Parties in Tenerife.

The order of clubs/discos in our article is random. Remember to check the opening hours of a specific venue before visiting. It’s best to do so on Google Maps.

Parties in Tenerife in Costa Adeje

1. Monkey Beach Club
2. Achaman

Parties in Tenerife in Los Cristianos

1. San Telmo
2. Casablanca

Parties in Tenerife in Las Américas

Imprezy na Teneryfie - Papagayo

Papagayo Beach Club

The most popular and exclusive club in southern Tenerife. It is located right next to Veronicas. During the season, well-known DJs of house and techno music often perform here. These parties take place on Saturdays. Each themed event happens once a week on the same day. On Thursdays, you can enjoy an R&B evening called “Black Label,” and on Fridays, you can dance to Spanish reggaeton rhythms. On Sundays, you can dance while enjoying the sunset at the “sunset by…” party.

This is the trendiest two-story open-air club with modern design, so expect some selectivity. Just follow the appropriate dress code, and you’ll get inside. You can also book VIP booths for 4 to 12 people, which you can reserve HERE, and the amount you spend on them can be used for alcohol and extras. The 12-person booths, called “Private Palapas,” are private thatched huts on the first floor of the club, overlooking the lively dance floor.

The club is styled in a Balinese manner, but as mentioned earlier, it is also very modern, with excellent lasers, colorful lights, and a raised DJ booth separated from the crowd, adding prestige. Parties also feature dancers in coordinated outfits who liven up the events.

  • Prices: high, entrance fee €20.00-€30.00, drinks around €10.00
  • Pros: centrally located and by the ocean, open-air venue with two floors, tasteful decor, good music quality, high-quality alcohol. Selective entrance and security, close to taxi stands
  • Cons: long queues during major events or the high season, it’s better to arrive before 11:00 PM or buy online tickets at least a day in advance
  • Dress code: elegant; for men – there is selection at the door, they may allow entry in shorts, but it’s better to dress up as they may require a more “evening” attire that day
Veronicas na Teneryfie


This is the “most popular” party zone in Tenerife. It’s a street filled with British clubs and bars that come alive at night. The parties here go on every day from 10:00 PM until around 4:00 AM. The majority of people in the bars are British, but you will also meet many young people from all over Europe. Clubs in Veronicas are promoted by PR (Public Relations) staff who offer us cheaper drinks. The drinks are even cheaper than at the bar in the club where they work, so it’s always better to order drinks at Veronicas through a PR. The quality of the drinks is significantly lower. Corresponding to the prices, as we can get them at half the price compared to the service in prestigious clubs. The advantages of these pubs are free admission, a lively atmosphere with many people dancing. Great location right by the ocean.

Next to Veronicas, you’ll find the Papagayo club, so Veronicas is a perfect place for a before-party. Keep in mind that this is a place without selectivity and with many intoxicated people, so you need to be cautious about thieves.

  • Prices: low, drinks around €6.00, PRs offer 2-for-1 deals, and when you spend €20.00-€30.00 with a PR, you can expect freebies like a bowl of alcohol with straws or more drinks
  • Pros: affordable prices, party every day, the venue fills up from early evening, centrally located and by the ocean, indoor and outdoor areas, close to taxi stands
  • Cons: many intoxicated people, pickpockets, persistent “ladies of the night” who try to approach drunk men
  • Dress code: casual
Magic w Las Americas

Magic Lounge Club

Located in the heart of Las Américas on the famous “Safari” street reminiscent of Miami suburbs. Magic Lounge Club thrives during the day as a pleasant place to have a drink or enjoy a meal. In the evenings, beautiful dancers and performers ignite an amazing party here with the freshest hits or well-known songs from the R&B, Latino, and reggaeton genres. The venue boasts a stunning interior and provides a high-level experience for people who simply want to have a good time. The crowd mainly consists of tourists, generally above the age of 30, but young people also frequent this place. It is a great spot if you’re a diverse age group, as everyone will find something for themselves.

  • Prices: free entry in the early evening, after 10:00 PM there may be an admission fee of around €15.00-€20.00, drinks around €10.00
  • Pros: great decor, intimate atmosphere, top-notch entertainment, no trouble, impressive cocktails
  • Cons: high prices
  • Dress code: elegant
Mala Mia

Mala Mía

One of the newer clubs in the center of Las Américas, specifically on Calle México, known as the surfer street. It used to be a renowned disco called “Tibu,” famous for its hot “ladies’ nights.” The club still retains some of that character as groups of dressed-up ladies continue to visit. It’s a small venue with white sofas and furniture, purple-pink lights, and good yet inexpensive cocktails. Admission is usually charged, but the club gets packed anyway! The music primarily focuses on Latino, reggaeton, with various mixed commercial tracks. The club has good sound systems, so you can dance to the beat. On weekends, hot dancers turn up the party!

  • Prices: drinks around €8.00, weekend entry starting from €10.00
  • Pros: lively club filled with people, good sound system, security
  • Cons: limited space, staff may not speak English fluently, smoking area is outside before entering
  • Dress code: elegant/going-out attire. Men should wear trousers, as entry may not be allowed in shorts! For women, we recommend party outfits, dresses, or skirts with a top. Heels or not depends on personal preference, but you will certainly encounter many women wearing heels

Kendo Lounge Bar

Also located on Calle México in the “surfer” area of Las Américas, Kendo Lounge Bar is a place for almost everyone. As the name suggests, it’s a cocktail bar. The ambiance is enhanced by purple LED lights and the dense smoke from shishas, which you can order at your table. However, don’t let that fool you because after 11:00 PM, the bar transforms into a full-fledged nightclub. On nights when admission is charged, it usually includes a drink, so you don’t lose out. The music varies depending on the day but generally features reggaeton, R&B, and Latino. On weekends, it tends to get crowded as locals love this club! The club has security, but it fills up as much as possible. It’s not a club on the level of Papagayo, but it’s definitely more casual, so the dress code is not as formal.

  • Prices: moderate, entrance €10.00-€20.00, usually with a drink included; drinks around €8.00-€9.00
  • Pros: great location near the center and close to the ocean, indoor and outdoor areas, tasteful decor, security
  • Cons: long queues, strict selection for men, separate line for one of the two dance floors
  • Dress code: casual, club attire. Comfortable clothing dominates, but you’ll also find people dressed up, and women often wear heels. Generally, colorful and flashy outfits are worn by local Spanish women

Parties in Tenerife in Costa Adeje

Imprezy na Teneryfie - Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach Club

This is one of the best clubs in Tenerife. Unfortunately, it only operates during the summer season, and parties are held only on Sundays from 6:00 PM to midnight. During the day and throughout the week, it functions as a cocktail bar. The party practically takes place outdoors, right by the beach. It starts around 6:00 PM in the glow of the setting sun and continues until midnight under the starry sky. The atmosphere is infused with house/techno music, and the club is known for its numerous animations, such as lasers, smoke effects, fire shows, and stage performances. Upstairs, there’s a terrace with a cocktail bar, a pool, a beautiful view, and excellent drinks.

  • Prices: high, entrance fee €20.00-€30.00, including one drink; €8.00 for a drink at the bar
  • Pros: stylish decor, located right by the beach, outdoor party, plenty of attractions/animations
  • Cons: the party ends at midnight, queues for restrooms, high prices
  • Dress code: elegant/club attire dominated by summer outfits. However, note that men won’t be allowed in tank tops
Imprezy na Teneryfie - Achaman


Located in Costa Adeje, Achaman is the best and largest club with Latin music in Tenerife for years. Inside, there’s a large dance floor filled with energetic people grooving to catchy music. Despite being a loud party venue, the club is well-designed acoustically. Outside, there are sofas with two bars on the opposite side where you can relax and have a conversation undisturbed by the music. Parties at Achaman take place every day from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. However, people usually start arriving after 11:00 PM, like in other places. The club plays a mix of Spanish music, reggaeton, and R&B. The majority of partygoers here are Canarians, but you’ll also find tourists.

  • Prices: moderate; €3.00-€4.00 for a beer, €8.00-€9.00 for a cocktail, free entry or €10.00 with tickets exchangeable for a drink or beer
  • Pros: reasonable prices, coat check (ask at the bar), plenty of seating outside, five bars, relaxed and typically Spanish atmosphere, taxi stand right by the club
  • Cons: staff has very limited English proficiency
  • Dress code: casual/club attire. Comfortable dress style dominates, but you’ll find some people dressed up, and women often wear dresses or skirts. Shoes depend on personal preference, but you’ll see many women in heels

Parties in Tenerife in Los Cristianos

Imprezy na Teneryfie

San Telmo

It is a two-level building in the tourist area of Los Cristianos, filled with restaurants, bars, and discos. It is loved by locals and also appeals to tourists. All these establishments share an incredible view of the ocean and the Las Vistas beach in front. Due to the variety of venues here, everyone will surely find something for themselves. You can choose from a Hawaiian-style bar called “Havana’s,” “Wild Side” with a jungle/boho style and electronic music, Spanish music clubs like “Amigos,” and an Irish bar called “The Claddagh” often featuring live music. All these places offer different decor and atmosphere. During the day, they usually operate as cocktail bars serving food and snacks. They have separate menus, opening hours, and prices, so it’s worth exploring them all and finding something for yourself.

  • Prices: beer €3.00-€4.00, cocktails ranging from €5.00 to €8.00, depending on the venue
  • Pros: great variety, no admission fee, wonderful view, close to taxi stands
  • Cons: few drawbacks, as they are more like bars than typical nightclubs, but the club “Casablanca” awaits right nearby
  • Dress code: casual
Imprezy na Teneryfie - Casablanca


The club is located in the previously mentioned San Telmo area. However, we decided to describe it separately because it is the most popular nightclub in the region. It’s a small-sized club loved by locals. On Fridays and Saturdays, Spanish music and the beloved reggaeton genre reign supreme. On Wednesdays, they host house & techno parties. Usually, after 1:00 AM, the club fills up completely, so there’s a chance that the security won’t allow entry due to overcrowding. If this happens, it’s more likely on weekends, so it’s better to arrive earlier. The club is open from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

  • Prices: high, considering it’s not a prestigious club but rather a local disco; drinks around €8.00, free entry or €10.00 on weekends, including a drink
  • Pros: full club with enthusiastic dancers, security, close to taxi stands
  • Cons: casual, but girls often wear dresses and heels, and men are advised to avoid tank tops
  • Dress code: small club and dance floor, relatively high prices for such a place
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