Buses in Tenerife

Buses in Tenerife

The public transportation network on Tenerife is very well developed, making it possible to reach almost anywhere by bus. Of course, it is time-consuming and less convenient than traveling by car, but it can be a good solution for non-motorized individuals. Buses in Tenerife mostly run according to schedules, although minor delays can occur. As with any public transportation, it’s best to be patient. Since many people search for information about “Tenerife buses,” we have prepared answers to frequently asked questions.

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How to use urban buses in Tenerife?

Most bus stops on Tenerife are on-demand stops. When boarding (wave at the stop to signal the bus to stop) and when disembarking (press the button to indicate the desire to end the journey), you need to actively signal your intent. The current bus schedule can be found on the official public transportation website: titsa.com. You can pay for the bus ride with cash (make sure to have exact change) or use a bus card called Bono Ticket. Additionally, you can download the Ten + Movil app, where you can purchase temporary tickets (e.g., daily or weekly passes).

What is Bono Ticket?

Bono Ticket is a rechargeable bus card. It is a much more convenient payment method on the bus compared to cash, as multiple people can use a single card. Just make sure it has enough credit loaded on it. The card is used until the loaded credit is depleted. If you’re unsure whether the card has enough credit, most places where you can recharge the card can also check the balance for you.

How much does Bono Ticket cost, where to buy, and how to recharge?

You can buy and recharge Bono Ticket at the airport and all bus stations on Tenerife. The cost of a Bono ticket is only €2.00, and recharges start from €5.00 (you can also recharge for higher amounts, such as €10.00, €15.00, €20.00, etc.) depending on your needs. You can also purchase card recharges at small local shops near bus stops, but look for the Bono Ticket symbol on the storefront.

How to use Bono Ticket?

Upon entering the bus, inform the driver of your destination. The driver will deduct the fare from your Bono Ticket card using the card reader. Alternatively, you can enter the bus and place your Bono Ticket card on the card reader until you hear a beep and see a green light. The same process applies when disembarking. Touch the Bono ticket to the card reader again (on the screen, not under it) until you see the message “COBRADO” (fare charged) and the remaining balance on the Bono Ticket card. If you don’t touch the card when exiting (closing the journey) and the bus has a final stop in a different zone, a higher fare will be deducted from the card.

1-day and 7-day tickets in the Ten+Movil app

This app allows you to purchase a special ticket with unlimited access to all public buses and trams on the island for either one or 7 days. You can find them under the names “Tarjeta turística 1 dia” (1-day tourist card) and “Tarjeta turística 7 dias” (7-day tourist card). The price for the 1-day ticket is €10.00, and the 7-day ticket costs €50.00. The validity period starts from the first use of the ticket.

To enjoy cheaper and more frequent travel on urban buses, simply download the app, add a specific amount to your virtual wallet (which cannot be refunded to a bank account), and select the desired option. When you want to start your journey, board the bus, go to the “Tickets” tab in the app, choose the type of ticket, and click “Travel.” A QR code reader will open, usually located inside the bus near the driver, often in the form of a sticker. Simply scan the QR code and show it to the driver.

The app offers many more options, but most of them are tickets for local residents with permanent residency in the Canary Islands. Currently, the Government of Tenerife has introduced free transportation throughout the island for all people with the aforementioned residency if they use public transport at least 15 times in a month. The regular cost of a monthly ticket is €19.00.

Where to find bus schedules on Tenerife?

The current bus schedule for Tenerife can be found on the official transportation website: titsa.com. The schedule mainly provides the starting time of each route and major points along the way, such as bus stations and airports. There is also an option to check the real-time bus arrival by scanning the QR code located at the bus stop. Additionally, each stop has its specific name and a four-digit number to help you locate your exact position. You can also check the map on the website, which shows the nearest stops. The website/app only displays buses with arrival times within the next hour, but keep in mind that the displayed time is approximate and synchronizes with the bus’s current location. If there is traffic congestion or, conversely, no stops on-demand, the displayed time on the website/app may change by a few minutes.

We recommend using the Google Maps app. You can enter your destination and select the “public transportation” option. This is an easier way to check the schedule, especially if you’re not familiar with the area and the names of individual stops.

Where can you go by bus on Tenerife?

Due to the well-developed public transportation network on Tenerife, the transportation company Titsa has prepared a map with marked routes and bus numbers connecting tourist destinations on Tenerife. You can find it here.

Are there trams on Tenerife?

On Tenerife, you can find low-floor trams, but only in the north in Santa Cruz and La Laguna. They provide faster transportation connections between these two large twin cities. There are also promising plans to connect the northern and southern parts of the island by rail. However, these are long-term plans and investments for the future.

Buses in Tenerife – commonly used connections:

110 – Costa Adeje – Los Cristianos – San Isidro – Santa Cruz

111 – Costa Adeje – Los Cristianos – South Airport – Santa Cruz

112 – Los Cristianos – Santa Cruz (direct)

40 – Costa Adeje – Los Cristianos – South Airport

342 – Costa Adeje – Los Cristianos – Vilaflor – Teleférico Del Teide – Montańa Blanca (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

343 – Puerto de la Cruz – North Airport – South Airport – Los Cristianos – Costa Adeje 

355 – Buenavista del Norte – El Palmar – Masca – Santiago del Teide

470 – Los Cristianos – Las Galletas – Las Chafiras – Los Abrigos – El Medano

473 – Los Cristianos – Costa Adeje – Los Gigantes

Useful words:

Bus – in Canary Islands dialect, it’s “Guagua” (pronounced “wawa”)

Bus stop – “Parada de Guaguas”

Bus station – “Estación de Guaguas”

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